Brian McCoy

Founder and President

of BDM Sports & Education Foundation

President & Founder of BDM Sports & Education Foundation

Brian McCoy is the Founder and President of BDM Sports & Education Foundation, (BDMS&E) based in Chicago, Illinois which was established in 2014 to provide access to the “Business World” of sports for students and student athletes to expose and educate them to the business-side of professional sports. The goal of its programming is designed to stretch and broaden the students’ scope of thinking, in terms of educational, career, and life choices…thereby shifting their focus and direction into more positive/productive directions.

BDMS&E also provides life skills, educational enrichment, and college & career readiness programs to youth in disadvantaged communities, primarily in Chicago land areas, but also across the nation where youth face multiple challenges in their overall growth and development. His personal overall goal for BDMS&E is to curb youth violence and encourage positive decision making choices, which he believes will reduce inner city youth from entering the criminal justice system.

Mr. McCoy serves on the Advisory Council of the Ronald McDonald House Chicago. Mr. McCoy has worked closely with the MLB, NFL, NBA, NBRPA and many prominent sports personages. Besides his expertise in race and sports, Mr. McCoy also has served as a national consultant on issues pertaining to the re-entry of formerly incarcerated persons. Mr. McCoy is developing a National Advisory Council of formerly incarcerated persons to assist in the work of TJC in creating full citizenship, civic engagement and opportunities for those with a history of involvement in the criminal justice system.
Mr. McCoy has a Bachelor in Marketing and Business Administration from Chicago State University and is pursuing his Master of Arts in Inner City Studies Education from Northeastern Illinois University. His prior roles included serving as a Special Assistant to the Rev. Jesse Jackson and as Director of Sports for the Rainbow Push Coalition. His other experiences include working as a marketing executive for RJ Dale Advertising and PR and Danielle Ashley Advertising and PR Company. Mr. McCoy has a strong passion for youth development and education, and lives by the quote: “To him/her that much is given, much of them is required.”